Diet or exercise? What is more effective for weight loss?


Weight loss is the most popular target in the field of fitness in the present.In addition to the exterior damage is accompanied by obesity and more health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease.And often people set out to find the most effective method of losing weight such as thickest part of struggle with being overweight as well as weight loss itself.Usually a common understanding of what needs to be done is to ensure that the need to exercise and eat healthy food.But today we will try to sort out what is more effective between classes and proper nutrition.To begin with let’s understand the physiology of weight loss process.Weight loss occurs when the power consumption exceeds the power consumption. That is, for weight loss, we need to eat less calories per day than you spend.Energy consumption is mainly due to three factors:1. The rate of metabolism.2. The energy used in the process of digestion.3. Physical activity, it is determined by any kind of movement that you perform.Out of these three factors, you can most effectively manipulate it in physical activity. Energy consumption, you also have complete control. You are responsible for what and how much you eat.Thus with the help of exercise burns more energy, plus the expense of power control reduces energy consumption.Now we simply compare which of these methods is more effective.And it seems that the control of food — a simpler version. If you do not follow the correctness of the food, eat fast food, something to suit a hundred calories for you will be one-third of the sweet bread, chocolate bar, or a slice of pizza. If we decide to get rid of a hundred calories with the help of exercise, it will be more than one and a half kilometers of jogging or 30 minutes of walking the dog. And this is just 100 calories.If we increase the number to 250, it will mean the rejection of sweet chocolate in the amount of half or an hour workout.Hence the conclusion that it is much easier to simply refrain from eating excess calories from food than to work hard in training. Especially given the fact that we have considered it as an example of junk food, which you simply suppress the feeling of hunger, and a significant advantage not get any.

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